Bath time!

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Winter is coming… (I may or may not be reading A Clash Of Kings currently). Let’s talk about baths. I love baths. I adore baths. When it’s winter, I need a bath every now and then. I like to experiment with a lot of different bath stuff, and maybe I’ll do a post about the all the things I love one day, but this one is just about the things I used today.

  • First thing I do is light some candles. These are just some cheap ones from Ikea, but every nicely smelling candle is fine if you’d ask me.
  • Another essential is a good glass of cold water: we want to stay hydriated, even when taking a bath! 🙂
  • We need something to fill our bath with bubbles. Today I used my favourite rituals product: Energy Bubble. This honestly makes me feel só relaxed, and of course: it gives my bath a lot of bubbles. I’m afraid I didn’t take a proper photo of the bubbles… but I promise: they were amazing.
  • Bath boms. Bath boms. Bath boms! Can you tell I get excited by bathboms? I don’t think it comes as a surprise if I say that my favourite bathboms (and bath melts, and, well, pretty much everything bath-related really) are from lush. BUT Lush can be quite expensive, and I’m on a student-budget, so I tend to opt for something a little less expensive most of the time. This bathbom is from de Tuinen. De Tuinen is an amazing Dutch store.
  • Take off your make-up, kids! A very important step.
  • Mask time! This mask is a Lava mask from van der Hoog (also from deTuinen, sorry for you non-dutchies) and it always leaves my skin feeling super soft. I love it!
  • AND THEN? Then I enjoy my bath. I read a book, listen to some music or just think about life or something like that.

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